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Naturopathic Medicine for Women's Health

Naturopathic Medicine is a system of primary care that identifies and treats the root cause of illness or disease. It aims to stimulate the body's own healing power to fight underlying causes of disease.

Our Naturopathic Doctors have a passion for women's health and loves working with women to help them understand that there are options when it comes to their healthcare.

Whether you are looking to become pregnant, fix your period, lose weight, improve your energy or just create balance in your life, our Doctors work with patients to create individualized treatment plans that are both realistic and sustainable.

Naturopathic Doctors are the only regulated health professionals in the field of natural medicine in Ontario. They are required to obtain comprehensive and rigorous training, including over 4,500 hours of classroom training in medical sciences, clinical sciences, and naturopathic therapies, as well as 1,500 hours of supervised clinical experience. NDs require three years of pre-med postsecondary education, plus four years of full-time study at an approved college of Naturopathic Medicine.

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