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Dr. Michael McGarr, DC

Owner and Doctor of Chiropractic

I am Dr. Michael McGarr (or preferably just Mike) and I am thrilled to formally announce joining Casey and Jen Smith in the opening of Impact Healthcare North at 535 Bayfield Street. I have been serving the North Barrie and Springwater community as a chiropractor for the past 10 years and share Impact's vision of offering top tier patient centered care. Joining Impact Healthcare is particularly exciting for me because beyond knowing Casey and Jen within the rehab circles our families are also great friends. Witnessing first hand the type of people and parents they are outside of work has reflected in the way they have run their business; with integrity, honesty, and empathy. I am honoured to join with them in opening the new North end clinic and add to the already stellar reputation of Impact Healthcare.

Similarly to other Impact practitioners I believe in an individualized approach to your care and subsequently have taken a variety of continuing education courses to expand my "toolbox" in order to provide my patients with an array of therapeutic options in addition to my chiropractic expertise. These include an assortment of muscle release techniques, acupuncture, vestibular/vertigo rehabilitation, sports/kin taping, instrument assisted soft tissue release, amongst others. Additionally, I am a true believer in the incorporation of exercise prescription as a vital part in the recovery process and am well versed in understanding how to progress exercises to meet your recovery goals in an efficient yet safe manner.

Outside of my clinical duties I am married to my beautiful wife Erika and have two wonderful kids, Alex and Elizabeth. I also teach part time Georgian College in the Fitness and Health Promotion program and enjoy reliving the glory days playing hockey, fishing, hitting up the cottage, hanging with friends/family and watching my kids at their many extracurricular sports and activities.

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