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Dr. Megan Gibson, BA H, Kin, RMT, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic and Registered Massage Therapist

Dr. Megan takes an individualized approach to each patient where you are in partnership to achieve a patient's goals together. She combines education and empowerment strategies, soft tissue therapies, joint manipulation and mobilization as well as specific and progressive rehabilitation plans for each patient. 

Other tools in the toolbox include:

- Neurofunctional Medical Acupuncture

- Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy (IASTM)

- Kinesio-taping and athletic taping

- has taken a number of evidence-based courses for pregnancy and postpartum recovery including GrowCo and is part of the Women's Health Division at Impact Healthcare.

- Cupping therapy

Megan is also a Registered Massage therapist 

She attended York University and completed her Bachelors in Kinesiology in 2016. She has previously worked as a strength coach and personal trainer with individuals and team training. She completed her Diploma in Massage Therapy from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy in 2020. She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in May of 2021. 

Megan loves everything athletics from playing herself at the national and provincial level, covering field-side sport, and assisting athletes in their recovery. Outside of the clinic, Megan loves to travel, is a huge foodie, and spends all her time with her fiancé and golden retriever Bauer!

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